Three Ways to Order

 Desktop App (ROES) 


 Online Shopping Cart 


 Web Upload


If you're not sure where to get started, we advise you to check out our Tutorial Video and download the Desktop App (aka ROES). This will allow you to work locally, save your orders for later, and offers overall what we think to be the best experience of the three systems.

For those who don't wish to download anything onto their computer, don't like ROES, or just prefer to work online, we also have an Online shopping system.

We understand that both these systems have some limitations, and that is why we've also provided you with a direct channel to our creative team via Web Upload. You can use this for anything out of the ordinary, including custom sizes, layouts, mat cuts, frames outside of our standard options, image clusters, andreally anything you can think of outside of the standard means of ordering. Below is a table of products offered at The Photo Touch, and what we think is the easiest, quickest, and most intuitive way for you to order each specific product.



ok ok ok

Standard Prints

ok ok  
Premium Prints ok ok  
Large Format Prints ok ok  
Panoramic Prints ok ok  
Canvas Prints ok ok  
Fine Art Papers ok ok  
Creative Prints     ok
Print Packages   ok ok
Metallic Paper Prints     ok
Prints on Metal   ok ok
Photo Collages   ok ok
Wall Cling Murals ok ok  


Standard Frames ok ok  
Custom Frames     ok
Multi-Opening     ok


Canvas Prints ok ok  
Canvas Mounts ok ok  
Canvas Framed ok ok  
Canvas Wrap 1" ok ok ok
Canvas Wrap 1.5" ok ok ok
Canvas Wrap in Float 1" ok ok ok


Standard Plaq ok ok  
Float Plaq ok ok  
Mat Plaq ok   ok
Thick Plaq ok ok  
Specialty Plaq     ok


Aluminum Mounts     ok
Acrylic Mounts     ok
Metal Prints     ok

Press Products

Photo Books ok   ok
Photo Albums     ok
Greeeting Cards ok   ok
Trader Cards ok   ok
Proof Books ok   ok
Calendars ok   ok


Bulk Photo Scanning     ok
Bulk Slide Scanning     ok
Photo Scanning     ok
Slide Scanning     ok
Negative Scanning     ok
Giclee Art Reproduction     ok
Editing & Retouching     ok
Restoration     ok


Cups, Mugs, Drinks   ok ok
Shirts   ok ok
Puzzles, Flags, etc   ok ok
Mousepads, Photo Panels, etc   ok ok


*It is possible to order any product via our Web Upload avenue, however in most cases it is significantly easier and faster to order with either the desktop app or online shopping cart instead. The Web Upload service will put you directly in contact with a TPT representative to make sure your ideas and needs are realised and met. This avenue is ideal for anyone looking to do anything custom that would otherwise be impossible through the conventional means of ordering, such as custom sizes, layouts, options, 16-bit printing, or really anything you can imagine. The table provided is a recomendation of which avenue(s) are best for ordering each product. Note: Web Uploads subject to fee at our discretion.