Photo Editing & Retouching


Give your favorite photo, picture, snapshot or memory a facelift with our professional photo editing service. Photo and portrait retouching is available for digital files including blemish removal, skin retouch, background repair, softening, sharpening and more.

photo editing and retouching service

Editing and Retouching Pricing

Editing Product Price
Portrait Retouching Packages  
Basic: Up to 3 simple add-ons $15.00
Light: contrast, clarity, color and minor cropping 12.00
Moderate: minor cloning and healing to remove object plus brightness and contrast 15.00
Complex: fix major color, contrast, sharpness and cropping. Also incorporates noise reduction 20.00
Simple Add-Ons  
Red-eye Removal 7.50
Wrinkle Reduction 7.50
Severe Acne Removal 7.50
Glasses Glare Removal 7.50
Eliminate Stray Hair 7.50
Fill Bald Spots 7.50
Whiten Teeth 7.50
Face Color Alteration 7.50
Advanced Add-Ons  
Open / Change Eyes 12.00
Braces Removal 15.00
Skin Color Alteration 15.00
Head Swap 20.00
Remove Flash Reflection 12.00
Simple Background Repair 15.00
Complex Background Repair 20.00
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