Slide Scanning


Now you can take advantage of our high quality scanning service and make individual prints or create photo books, photo gifts and beautiful presentations out of your slides.

slide scanning service

For large amounts of slide photographic images, Bulk Slide Scanning provides a way to digitize hundreds or thousands of moments from the past. Cost effective in nature, Bulk Slide Scanning is the economical way to archive slide images for future generations. For more information on Bulk Slide Scanning, Click Here.

Slide Scanning Pricing

Archival 1 pass, 1000 DPI $2.25
Basic 4 pass, 2000 DPI 3.50
Advanced 8 pass, 3000 DPI 5.50
Professional 16 pass, 4000 DPI 8.50
Batch 100 Slides 80.00
Passes: # of times scanner reads image, more passes, more accurate information, better result.