About The Photo Touch

Far greater than the traditional photography business, The Photo Touch prides itself on the ability to touch peoples' lives. Serving Colorado and beyond, we create the opportunity for any enthusiast or professional to turn their camera into an easel and create their very own masterpiece. The results of our process are as unique as they are individualized; leaving the photographer empowered to create the photographic package they truly desire.

Our entire team here is thrilled to emerge as the ultimate source for your photography needs. For far too long it has become institutionalized that we take pictures, go to a local big-box store for an envelope of 4x6 prints, share them among friends and a family for a few days and then toss them in a box under the bed, never to be seen again.

We are here to shift your thinking about your memories and images. We encourage you to think outside the big-box syndrome and apply our talented team to presenting and preserving your memories, your way.

To date we can boast a 100% customer satisfaction rating and we promise to maintain this achievement with each and every one of our new customers over the days, weeks, months and years ahead.


Since our inception as a team and company, we have dedicated ourselves to pristine products and services for every one of our appreciated customers. This process begins with our guiding principle:

Excellence Through Basics

Without a dedication to excellence in the day-to-day operations of our business we can not guarantee the quality in product and service we mandate. It starts with the basics and grows from there.

From our guiding principle and mantra come the four fundamental elements we call:

Our Four Pillars of Excellence


We dedicate our team and resources to the most creative and innovative opportunities for your photographs and memories. Our team is full of individuals constantly pushing the envelope of creative approaches.


We promise that you will always receive the highest quality products and services available today. We are honest business people that dedicate our talents to our highest standards of quality.


Our goal is to ensure that every time you do business with us you are satisfied without exception or deviation. Our practices, procedures and policies encompass the overall aim to consistent results, every time.

Cost Effectiveness

While quality, creative and American made products and services have a cost, we dedicate ourselves to time and materials efficiency that equates to prices that are fair and reasonable. With us you can buy American and local and not break the bank.


In the heart of Loveland, Colorado we launched our business to create the highest quality photo products and services in American facilities dedicated to consistency and cost effectiveness. We've now grown to fill a space just over 10,000 square feet. This space serves the needs of our production and customer experience to ensure you are in touch with everything possible with you memories.

Technology Zone:

The backbone of our business. These 2500 square feet are dedicated to the necessary tools and talents required to produce the fine quality products and services you love. From servers to editing machines and the highest grade printers on the market today you will find it in our technical department. We grew from the technical industry and apply our excellent technological talents to your memories, moments and photos every day.

Production Zone:

Our American Made products are produced on site with the talents of bright American workers. Our production unit is flexible and technology driven. We utilize the top machines in the industry today to create your frames, books, plaqs and canvas creations.

Retail Zone:

Our test retail facility is full of creative opportunity. Our Wall of Fame highlights some of our greatest achievements in production during our development and research stages. You will also find photo kiosks designed and tweaked by our talented staff to enhance your memory creation experience. In the back of this facility there is dedicated educational and studio space for use in our photo university curriculum coming in 2011.

Framing Consultation Zone:

Come get comfortable in our framing zone dedicated to the creation of custom frame, mat and filet designs. In this setting you will find a plethora of frame mouldings and mat options and all the space needed to get framing creative. Our talented framing consultant with 27 years of design experience is always at hand to help you realize you dream.


Our founder and on-site photographic specialist. Dan has dedicated his life to starting and operating American businesses with the consumer experience in mind. He is our leader in innovative ideas and processes and provides the wisdom his 30+ years of business experience has given him. He is also one of our premier fine art photographic artists in landscape photography.

Our other founder and head of the office management and accounting departments of the company. Cindy provides a great perspective to the team as a consumer of memory driven material throughout her life. She truly is the spirit of our company and our customers.

Our business and operations manager. Chris joined our team in 2008 looking for an altruistic business experience. He has the opportunity to apply his talents in our day-to-day activities leading projects and facilitating the needs of our customers. Chris is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in International Affairs and Spanish.

Our production manager. Steve has an impeccable eye for quality and consistency. He was the architect of our entire technology based production facility and manages the production of all of American made products and services. Steve is a graduate of the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology with a degree in Mechanical Engineering

One of the brightest and most detailed minds on our team. Our senior technology specialist dedicated to the operation of our extensive technological needs and assets. Nolan enjoys long walks on the beach and is an Aries. He is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Environmental Population and Organismic Biology.

Our Photoshop protégé. Jordan is responsible for ensuring that all of your memories, moments and photos are well prepared, retouched, restored or otherwise for a truly wonderful end presentation. Hailing from Berthoud, CO, Jordan now resides in Ft. Collins and is dedicated to learning the ins and outs of our software technology as it changes and evolves over time.

Our Marketing and Sales Associate. Andy has a passion for helping our customers realize the fullest potential in their memories. He puts to action the visualization and production software necessary to meet your needs. Andy is fundamental in our 100% customer satisfaction rating to date. He is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder with emphasis in Marketing and Management.

Our Company's cheerful administrative assistant. Stefanie hails from the mid-west but has quickly acclimated to the Colorado State of Mind in helping our team facilitate your needs. She applies her talents in accounting, production and customer service daily. She is a graduate of Illinois State University with a degree in Accounting.

Our framing design specialist. Danielle came to the team after closing her Loveland business, Rose Leaves Gallery and Framing. She has over 27 years of experience in framing production and design and is a fundamental element to the success and creativity of our products and services. She is the mother to a Loveland High School Band drummer and wife to her loving husband Lee.