Photo Restoration


Repair and restore your old heirloom photos and original prints with our high end picture restoration service. Memories and heirlooms are not lost when transferred to digital format and restored for a new picture frame, photoplaq or canvas presentation.

The past allows our heritage to leave a legacy. Old heirloom photographs have a limited life span and then are gone forever. They are from the turn of the century and have endured the elements. Share your heirloom with us and see how it can be revitalized, presented and shared with your family today and well into the future. It is an obligation we have to future generations.

Why Us?

Your history and heirlooms as one-of-a-kind, with us we treat them that way. Every heirloom is tailored to your needs and a process we take together. Some features include:

  • American Made. Your heirloom never leaves the facility in Colorado. We guarantee it.
  • Full Service. From beginning to final presentation we communicate with you every step of the way.
  • A Finished Job. We deliver a pristine final presentation for the generations.
  • Ready to share. We help you share the result and experience with family and friends.


Product Pricing

Light Restoration
Remove minor discoloration, fading, stain or small scratches in non-essential areas.
Moderate Restoration
Repair mild discoloration / fading, damaged edges, creases that do not obliterate subjects.
Complex Restoration
Extensive spotting, scratches or fading affecting entirety of photo. Extensive damage to essential areas plus colorization or enhancement, background change or addition of people.
Heavy Restoration
This services is for images that require attention not explicitly listed herein. Estimated cost is at an hourly rate
$75.00 / hour
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9News Special

Our Grand Opening winner, Julie MacDonald, collected all the old heirloom photographs from her family around the country. When a special package came from her mom, a tragedy occurred when a image of her ancestor was destroyed. Instead of taping it together and sticking it in a frame, our team here re-vitalized and represented the piece for generations to come. In the process, our friends at 9News filmed the story and process. Here is the video of the segment aired on Tuesday December 7th, 2010.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it all work?

The process is designed to walk you through the process in the most interactive and user-friendly experience possible. See more in the how it works section but the four simple steps are:

  1. Share your heirloom with us with a snapshot from your camera or cell phone.
  2. We will facilitate a email/phone/in-person consultation with you to discuss the story of the piece and your goals with the restoration.
  3. Our magical process of digitizing, restoring, printing and presenting will transform your heirloom into a treasured piece for the generations. We will keep you in the loop the entire way.
  4. We deliver a beautiful new presentation that tells the story with your family today, and tomorrow.

How do I send my heirloom?

During your initial consultation we will discuss the safest and most secure process of sending your heirloom to our Colorado facility. If necessary we can send you the proper packaging to get the job done.

How long is the process?

Depending on the severity of the damage to the image, most restorations will occur within 7-10 business days.  Any additional presentations will be complete 5 business days after approval of the restoration process.

What do I do with my restored heirloom?

First you share the experience online with your family and friends. From their our full services personal publishing will take you as far as your imagination can handle. From canvas creations, photoplaq, custom framing and much more you are certain to find and create the final result the memory deserves.

What is the average cost of a restoration?

We design packages that fit several budgets. The amount of damage dictates the time it takes for our American technician to bring the piece back to its original state. Taking your restoration to a final presentation is the best value. Given the efficient nature of our team we guaranteed you will not be over charged for the entire process for scan to presentation.

Where does my heirloom go?

Once you send your heirloom to our Colorado facility it NEVER leaves during the process. Many imitators online send your history overseas eliminating the security of your memory and American jobs too. We keep you treasure with us from beginning to end, guaranteed.