Canvas Wraps in Float Frames


canvas gallery wrap in a float frame

Love canvas gallery wraps, but looking for a more framed finish to your wall décor presentation? Gallery wraps inside of float picture frames are a perfect hybrid of the modern and traditional approach to photo finishing.

Take the Canvas Gallery Wrap a step further and finish it within a pristine float frame. With 7 frame options, the moulding adds greater affect and appeal by creating a gentle, yet apparent border around the presentation. Providing a barrier surrounding the Canvas Gallery Wrap, the float frame reinforces the structural integrity of the presentation from any damage or harm that might come.

Presenting images with an artistic touch, Canvas Gallery Wraps are produced with 12-color UV archival based inks from state-of-the-art printers. Using the finest quality canvas substrate, stretcher bars and coating, each Canvas Gallery Wrap is handcrafted to last for years into the future. Unlike the canvas wraps seen in big-box stores, this Canvas Gallery Wrap is produced to maintain overall appearance and rigidity without sacrificing cost-effectiveness. Canvas Gallery Wraps come coated, are available in both 1” and 1.5” stretcher bar sizes, and a selection of 7 edge-wrap styles to choose from.